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                 ( Evening Prayer Programme)




Information Centre Mir Medjugorje, thanks to the help of many benefactors and pilgrims, has been organising translations of the evening prayer programme in Medjugorje into many different languages and has been investing significant funds into the quality of translation and broadcasting.
Most of those translations have been available through Internet. Unfortunately, some irresponsible owners of web sites, radio stations or televisions, have been taking those translations as their own service, without our permission or knowledge, and have been asking for financial contributions from their users for those services.
In order for all unauthorised users to be prevented, the Information Centre Mir Medjugorje would hereby like to inform all users that nobody, unless they receive written permission or find mutual agreement, is authorised to use these translations. The translation of the evening prayer programme is going to begin on March 3, 2013. In the mean time, all those who are interested to use this service of translation or would like to help the Information Centre Mir Medjugorje, are kindly asked to make contact at the below e-mail address:


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